Urgesteine des Jazz-Rock an den Drums, Keyboards und Guitarren!

Samstag, 29.06. 20:00 - 21:00

MODERN-JAZZ-GEWITTER mit Live-Konzert zu Gast bei fm- vogel

Keyboarder Adam Holzman war Musical Director bei Miles Davis und ist derzeit mit Steven Wilson auf Tour. https://www.youtube.com/

Guitarist Roland Heinz, lebt in der Innstraße, lernte bei John Abercrombie und Attila Zoller in New York und unterrichtet nun am KonsTirol.

Drumer Jeff Hirshfield spielte u.a. mit Charlie Mariano, Kenny Wheeler, Bill Frisell, Mike Stern,..

Wir freuen uns auf dieses MODERN-JAZZ-GEWITTER!



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HEINZ roland - guitar
HOLZMAN adam - keyboard, synthesizer
HIRSHFIELD jeff - drums

Though recorded in a new york studio, the music of Mr. Heinz, Holzman and Hirshfield doesn`t sound constructed in a second, but much more like a three-way dialogue of top-class musician friends who retired after nice hang at a bar in a formidably equipped music room to have their conversations about God and the world as well as relaxed yet focused with musical means continue. In some very spacey moments it reminds me of the Weather Report formations of the first hour - not imposed, but powerful and inspired. A favorite track has not crystallized for me. From piece to piece I remained curious and awaited the things that would come up there still for me, until i had to take the note of the end of the CD after title 9 and a good 60 minutes of exiting music with big regret. 

Martin Volgger, Freelance Jazz Journalist,