Donnerstag, 13.09. 19:00

We look forward to a film evening with selected contributions by the participants of the INNSBRUCK film CAMPUS 2018, which are based on the motto RES PUBLICA. Cinematic interventions that turn public space into a field of experimentation, ask relevant questions on site and invite to exchange ideas. Let’s look at the world out there as what it is: a public thing!

Who has the right, the duty and the courage to tell the truth? (Michel Foucault) Against the backdrop of major social challenges and opportunities, cultivating an equal discussion is of central importance. Climate change, migration, transnational institutions, the next technological revolution – all these phenomena and the associated challenges are globally condensed and man-made. We live in an era of transformation, in which problems are perceived as over-complex. Much of it breaks or has already broken and is waiting to be reassembled. At the same time, this situation offers new opportunities. So where and how does social discourse take place under these circumstances?