why „Vogelweide“? and who’s Walther?

The minstrel „Walther von der Vogelweide“ graces a tiny park situated in the oldest neighborhood in Innsbruck with his presence, namely Anpruggen. The park bears Walther’s name, and so does our cultural collective “Vogelweide”.

whereto, Vogelweide?

Historically speaking, the park has always been in a way a living room, a stage or a place to meet and play. The aim of the Vogelweide collective is to bring social and cultural vitality to the park and to encourage a participative, cross-generational and culturally interactive use of this public space.

how does the Vogelweide animate Walther and his park?

A sense of community is generated through active participation. It is a place where new projects, ideas and a dynamic evolution of the neighborhood and its community can take place. A process-oriented space opens up, with an experimental character. Self-responsibility and personal thought of the participants steps in foreground. For the townspeople it should represent a possibility for coordination, to be able to actively take part in the animation of the public space.

our claim:

character of non-commercial, nature, animal and human-friendly events up until 10 pm. An energy filling station, yet without consumeristic compulsion!